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Let’s Stick Together

In the excitement and utter exhaustion of becoming new mums and dads, the first thing that can get overlooked is the couple relationship

Let's Stick Together‘Let’s Stick Together’ is a one hour session on relationships for new mums and dads. It teaches three simple but powerful principles based on sound research into what makes a happy, healthy relationship. It’s appropriate for all new parents from any background. ‘Let’s Stick Together’ isn’t remotely scary or embarrassing or anything to do with counselling! The session simply teaches three practical tips that will make a difference to relationships. It is simple to present to any ante-natal, post-natal or parents group.

A ‘Let’s Stick Together’ session includes:

Bad habits – These are the negative habits that can creep into every relationship and affect the way a couple relates to one another. We call them “STOP signs” – Scoring points, Thinking the worst, Opting out, and Putting down. By learning to spot their own bad habits, a couple can deicde to put a ‘stop’ to them before they cause deep conflict in their relationship.

Good habits – All of us want to feel loved, and it’s easy to assume that everyone shows love in the same way. In reality, there are five different ways that people primarily tend to give and receive love. These are known as “Love Languages” – Time, Words, Actions, Gifts and Touch. Many couples find that they give and receive love in different ways, and because of this, the message can be lost along the way. By learning to recognise the five Love Languages, couples are able to learn how to communicate love to their partner in a way that really helps them to connect with one another.

Getting dads involved – Parenthood is a whole lot easier if there are two pairs of hands. In this section we discuss helpful tips for mums who want dads to be involved with the baby. “Am I sending him a message that it’s easier if I do it myself?” And “are we spending time together, having fun, on our own, as friends, little and often?” are some of the key questions we ask.

Many parents find these ideas quite a revelation. For others, they are some things they may already know. But even the best common sense is sometimes only obvious once it has been explained.

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