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Positive Parenting training

Positive Parenting

Our high quality training will equip you to deliver our popular and accessible Positive Parenting courses; supporting mums and dads, and helping them build strong and secure relationships with their children.

Being a parent can be both rewarding and challenging, and at times parents need others to come alongside them in their journey. Through Positive Parenting, we want every parent in the UK to have access to high-quality parenting courses that will equip, encourage and support them through their various stages of parenthood. It is our passion to see mums and dads not only survive, but thrive as a parent.

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Positive Parenting Dates

Our accessible parent-to parent courses are evidence and relationship-based and offer practical guidance. For more information, please read our course overview and evidence base.

How can I facilitate Positive Parenting courses?

We want to ensure that those running our courses have the skills and knowledge to deliver them well, which means they can only be run by our licensed facilitators.

To become licensed to run our Positive Parenting courses you will need to complete our Facilitating Groups and Working with Parents training.* Our high quality training is accredited and valuable professional development.

This training will enable you to run our core range of Positive Parenting courses:

TOFP The Early YearsTOFP The Primary YearsTOFP The Teenage YearsTOFP Dads

droplet_blue 2Specialist parenting courses

We have three specialised courses which look at specific areas of parenting. In order to run one of these you will need to hold a Positive Parenting facilitator licence and attend a familiarisation day.

Our Positive Parenting specialist courses are:

Drug proof your kidsQuidz_inTOFP Children with Special Needs



Our trainers

We are widely experienced with a range of backgrounds in social work, education, health education and Special Needs education. We meet a minimum standard, qualified to the Training Parent Educators (TPE) Award or equivalent, and have practical experience of working with groups, supporting parents and couples and running parenting course.

Facilitator licence

Once you have completed your training you will be issued with a facilitator license for a period of 24 months. This will be renewed for a further 24 months when you register at least one course within this time period and return course documentation to Care for the Family.

We provide our licensed facilitators with on-going support through a free-phone helpline, dedicated webpages and e-newsletters.

* If you have completed appropriate prior training with a recognised provider, and have facilitated courses, it may not be necessary for you to attend both our training events to receive a licence to facilitate our core Positive Parenting courses. Find out more about Approved Prior Learning