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Let’s Stick Together – Isle of Man

In the excitement and utter exhaustion of being mums and dads, the first thing that a couple can overlook is their own relationship.

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In just 30 minutes Let’s Stick Together introduces simple, practical skills which really work within a relationship. It doesn’t matter how different we are as individuals and couples, or what our circumstances are. The principles of a successful relationship are common to all. This session offers positive and practical ideas for how to handle those inevitable differences.

What does Let’s Stick Together cover?

Bad habits

These are the negative attitudes that can affect every relationship. By learning to spot their own bad habits, mums and dads can decide to put a stop to them before they cause deep conflict in their relationships.

Good habits

Many mums and dads find that they give and receive love in different ways, which means the message can be lost along the way. There are five main ‘love languages’ and by learning to recognise these, couples are able to learn how to communicate love to their partner and their children in a way that really helps them to connect with one another.

Work as a team

Whether you are single or in a relationship we all need supportive relationships around us when parenting. For mums it can be easier to just get on and do things yourself but the message here is – ‘remember you are a team and you have a support network’, which will make things a lot easier.

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