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Bereavement support at Care for the Family

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Find out how we can help you to support someone who has lost a loved one.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know just what to say or do to best help those going through the pain and heartache of a close bereavement. That’s why, in addition to Care for the Family’s Bereaved Parent Support and Widowed Young Support, we want to help all those who are supporting people who have been bereaved in any circumstance.

Our bereavement web-pages contain a range of information to help family, friends, churches and those providing services to bereaved people. Here you can find details of bereavement support organisations, books and other resources, information and helpful articles.

Bereavement Care Awareness training course

A special training course has been designed for churches who want to develop bereavement support as part of their pastoral care work. Bereavement Care Awareness is a one day course held on a Saturday and is led by trained volunteers. It is now available across the UK. Click below for more information.


We are always looking for volunteers to help with all aspects of our bereavement support work. If you might want to consider helping us in this work please visit our bereavement volunteer page to find out more.

If you are aware of anyone who is a bereaved parent or anyone who has been widowed young, please don’t forget to let them know about the support we can give them.

You can find more information about these services by clicking on the links below.