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The Big Move

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February 2019

Since you last heard from us, a lot has happened. Turkeys around the country breathed a collective sigh of relief as Christmas came to a close; shelves in supermarkets have been stacked floor to ceiling with egg-shaped paraphernalia and we at Care for the Family, at long last, have moved to our new home.

The real upside is our ability to support families

As time has gone by, the need to be technically savvy has grown exponentially and though our old offices served us so well for 20 years, we were starting to encounter a fair few challenges. A great example came during times of filming, which were regularly interrupted by passing trains or air raid sirens from the local quarry. However, due to the skill and proficiency of our team, we still managed to work through the obstacles. This and a hundred other challenges meant changing our offices was inevitable.

A lot of proverbial blood, sweat and tears have gone into the move. Well … some of the sweat and tears have actually been very real. Moving twelve miles down the M4 may sound straight-forward but it really has been a mammoth exercise. Some aspects have been simple … Updating the address on our email signatures for example. Whilst other elements, like building an in-house auditorium to live stream events, have required a lot of time, energy and expertise.

So, the move from Cardiff to Newport is now complete and we have already been able to utilise the new space for volunteer days, a staff conference and soon, evening events. 

The upsides of moving are various. Dedicated rooms to record podcasts are great, numerous meeting rooms are helpful and access to working Wi-Fi is necessary. However, the real upside is our capacity to support family life in this country (and beyond). Every year, we encounter married couples who aren’t sure if they can keep love alive, we see parents desperate for answers and we speak to people who have lost a loved one and need help in understanding a way forward.

The real upside is our ability to support families through our events, courses, resources and other initiatives. Those 12 miles, and of course our new headquarters, mean that off the back of our thirtieth anniversary, we are now geared up for the next thirty years.