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Marriage preparation

Helping churches prepare couples for marriage.

Our range of accessible pre-marriage resources can be used by churches in a variety of ways, all of which can be tailored to suit the needs of an engaged couple.

Marriage preparation courses

If you are looking to run a marriage preparation course take a look at how to run Marriage By Design. It can be:

  • run over one day or a couple of evenings
  • presented using a DVD or in person by licenced facilitators
  • suitable for any engaged couple regardless of their faith, background or whether they are having a church or civil ceremony.

Couples who cannot attend a course can watch the Marriage By Design DVD together. Leaders can use the Marriage By Design Discussion Guide, which is full of discussion starters and summaries, to offer follow-up to couples who have watched the DVD.

We also offer a range of other pre-marriage resources in our shop.

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