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Supporting families

Use our courses and resources to support families in your church and community.

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Offering a course to your community is a great way you can reach out to people and help them in their everyday lives – and also put them in touch with the church.

Care for the Family has a variety of courses and small group resources on marriage and parenting that can be run in a church or community group. Many of the training courses are fully accredited and are suitable for people from any type of background. Local Authorities and councils are therefore often happy to refer families to courses run by local churches.

Some of the courses and resources that are available to you are:

Parentalk – The Primary Years and Parentalk – The Teenage Years: Two ready-to-run parenting courses

Both of these courses are DVD-based and can be used in a ‘plug-and-play’ format. They come with a Group Leader’s Guide and ten copies of the Parent Notes which give you everything you need to run a complete course.

Read how one church in Gravesend put on a Parentalk – The Primary Years course


Positive Parenting courses

Our popular Positive Parenting courses include the ‘Time Out for Parents’ series: Early Years, Primary Years and Teenage Years.   There’s also  Handling Anger in the Family, courses supporting children with Special Needs, ADHD, ASD and a course especially for Dads.

The ‘How to Drug Proof Your Kids’ course concentrates on the important role a parent can play in reducing the risk of their child becoming involved in harmful drug use. And the ‘Quidz In’ course gives parents the knowledge and skills they need to talk to children about money and budgeting from an early age.

Visit our Training pages to discover how you can become licenced to deliver these courses.


Let’s Stick Together

‘Let’s Stick Together’ is a one-hour presentation aimed at new mums and dads. Research has shown that family breakdown is concentrated in the early years of parenthood, but this can be reduced by early intervention and through small changes in behaviour.

Based on sound research into what makes a happy, healthy relationship, ‘Let’s Stick Together’ teaches three simple but powerful principles. It’s a condensed version of the best 12-hour evidence-based relationship education courses that have been shown to strengthen families, improve relationship quality, reduce conflict and reduce family breakdown.

Find out how you can be trained to deliver this one-hour session in your community.


21st Century Marriage and 21st Century Parent

The 21st Century DVDs are ideal resources to run in small groups. Each DVD features eight short talks by Rob Parsons on different aspects of marriage or parenting. Alongside the DVDs you can buy a pack of ‘Handy Hints’ booklets which can be used as discussion guides.


Parenting in the Teenage Years

In this DVD, Rob Parsons gives the inside track on understanding teenagers and shares some of the lessons he’s learned as a parent. The DVD is split into three sessions and comes with a free booklet containing helpful tips and discussion starters which can be easily used within a group setting.


Family Resource Boards

067-15 CFF Resource Boards with images2 (510x721)

Our Family Resource Boards enable you to support families with our high quality Care for the Family resources. These new and improved boards enable you to display either books, free literature or both. They are ideally used as a lending library for parents and care givers making it easy for them to access resources to help strengthen their family life.

Purchase of a Family Resource Board will entitle you to a 35% discount on orders of Care for the Family books over £150 (terms and conditions apply).

We have three designs that you can choose from depending on your requirements. Please email us or call 029 2081 0800 to discuss your requirements. Alternatively you can purchase the boards from our shop.