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Let’s Stick Together – changing lives

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Our Let’s Stick Together Presenters use the session in a number of different settings. We were delighted to hear how one local authority has seen some remarkable changes from sharing these practical relationship skills.

Their community engagement workers support families who have complex issues and they began working with Tracey, a single mum struggling to bring up her 4 children. Two of the children had been diagnosed with having special needs and the 10 year old was repeatedly running away from school.

After being together over a number of years, Tracey and her partner had separated and he occasionally saw the children at special events. The relationship between Tracey and her partner remained very strained and they avoided communicating as much as possible.

After a number of months of actively supporting Tracey, the community engagement worker invited her along with other mums to a Let’s Stick Together presentation, run by two team members who had trained to run the session.

A few months after Tracey attended this session, she met up again with one of the Presenters. Tracey was excited to let her know the impact the session had had. She started by saying that during the Let’s Stick Together session, she identified herself as having demonstrated some of the ‘STOP’ (Scoring points, Thinking the worst, Opting out, Put downs) behaviours in her relationship with her ex-partner.

Although her ex-partner has continued to see the children at key events (birthdays and Christmas), the relationship between him and Tracey was still very strained, and she knew this had been partly as a result of her attitude towards him.

Following the course, Tracey contacted her ex-partner to arrange to meet him for a coffee. She decided to apologise to him for some of the ‘STOP’ behaviours she had exhibited during their time together and then went on to explain to him the key messages of the Let’s Stick Together session to him.

The purpose of their meeting was not to get back together, but she said they were able to discuss their relationship and left with a greater understanding of each other and importantly as friends.

Tracey also said how she now regularly uses the ‘STOP’ signal to monitor all her relationships, to prevent her making the same mistakes again.

Attending the Let’s Stick Together session  has influenced her personal development and has given her the incentive and confidence to sign up to further adult education courses.

Other parents who have attended the sessions have benefitted too:

“As a result of the LST session, I have a better relationship with my ex-partner now.”

“ I wish I had known about the STOP signs earlier.”

“I use them with the relationship with my children, as I used to ‘put them down’ without realising it.”

“The STOP signs and the love languages will help me with my relationships in the future.”

You can run the Let’s Stick Together session with your group or in your community by training with us to become a Presenter.

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