Eight sessions to help nurture faith in the next generation

  • 1.1 million children will be lost to the church between 1990 and 2020.1
  • The 2010 estimate for the number of under 15s who were attending church was 375,300; the 2020 estimate is 183,700.1
  • 72% of Christians come to faith before the age of 19 – childhood is a crucial period in the development of faith.2
  • Most of the religious beliefs, behaviours and expectations that define a person’s life have been developed and embraced by the age of 13.2

Getting Your Kids Through Church takes a fresh look at what may cause young people to turn away from the church and how we can play our part in reversing this trend. It aims to help church leaders, parents and youth workers think in new ways about what is happening in the lives of young people and what really matters to God.

Getting Your Kids Through Church is a flexible, video-based course for parents, church leaders, youth and children’s workers – anyone who is passionate about nurturing and encouraging faith in the next generation.

  • Everything you need to run eight interactive stand-alone sessions
  • Includes video clips and discussion, giving small groups the opportunity to discuss reasons why young people leave the church and how to address these.

We are planning to discontinue physical DVD packs and are pleased to offer them FREE while stocks remain.

1 Christian Research – Trends 7
2 Christian Research – Faith Journeys survey

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