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Supporting Couples

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Training to support couples in your community

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To help you support couples in your community we have developed the following DVD based resources. You’ll also find links to our marriage resources shop page (including free downloadable Top Tips leaflets) and the Marriage Challenge podcast.

Marriage by Design

Marriage by Design is our DVD-based marriage preparation course.

Suitable for any engaged couple, Marriage by Design can be used in a group setting, or by couples to use and work through together at home.

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The Marriage Sessions is a flexible, four-part resource that explores how a couple can build a strong relationship.

Available as a DVD pack, The Marriage Sessions can be used by couples at home, or in a group setting for a marriage event.

Alternative training

You may be interested in the Prepare-Enrich programme from Southampton Family Trust, which offers training to help you support couples to prepare for marriage, enrich their relationship  or review and improve their co-parenting by taking stock of their strengths and growth areas. Once trained, facilitators can help couples develop skills which are key to any relationship and for communicating better on important topics. For more information, click here.

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