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Because family life matters

Working with Parents

Our interactive training looks at key evidence based theories, research and how you can apply this practically day to day to support parents.

Our training is mapped to the revised 2011 National Occupational Standards for Working with Parents

What does it cover?

  • How to support parents to meet their own and their children’s needs
  • Parenting Styles
  • Child development
  • Families and diversity
  • Taking a positive approach to managing child behaviour
  • Being a reflective practitioner
  • Attachment theory

For those who become licenced facilitators we will give you a free choice of facilitator manual and parent handbook from one of our core courses. Our core range of Time Out for Parents courses include:

Time Out For Parents - Early YearsTime Out For Parents - The Primary School YearsTime Out For Parents - The Teenage YearsTime Out For Parents - DadsTOFP Anger Parent Handbook Cover Drug proof your kids 

To become a licensed facilitator to run our Time Out for Parents courses you will need to complete both Working with Parents and Facilitating Groups training.

How to book

Our latest training dates and venue information are available on the upcoming training dates page. If you would like to book your place to attend Working with Parents training you can do this here.

Approved prior learning

We may be able to approve your prior learning if you have already successfully completed training with a recognised provider. Your training would have to be at a minimum of Level 3 and cover the essential topics in this course.

If you think that you may qualify for approved prior learning please complete our Approved prior learning form.

working with parentsIn-house training

Along with the option of coming to one of our training centres to train as an individual or with others, our high quality training is available in-house allowing you to make the arrangements for your workforce or volunteers at a time and place convenient for your organisation.

Please contact us to find out more about our in-house training.

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