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Boundary Lines

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Dates coming soon for 2022!

You’ll come away with …

  • Confidence to set loving limits and stick to them (even with the most strong-willed ones!).
  • Practical tips for staying the course when your child pushes the boundaries.
  • Strategies for managing challenging behaviour and knowing how to pick your battles.
  • Insight into the importance and purpose of boundaries.
  • An understanding of how to keep a loving connection with your child, whatever they throw your way.
Katharine Hill

Katharine Hill is the UK director of Care for the Family. She is a well-known speaker, broadcaster and author of a number of books, including her latest book A Mind of Their Own: Building Your Child’s Emotional Wellbeing in a Post-Pandemic World. She is married to Richard, and they have four grown-up children and four grandchildren.

Sim Dendy has over twenty years’ experience of working with children, young people and their parents. With two sons and two daughters of his own, he’s got first-hand experience when it comes to parenting under-fives. Sim is a popular presenter and communicator. He is part of the Care for the Family speaking team, and is married to Lottie.

Pippa Ankers has over twenty-five years’ experience of running parenting courses. She works for Care for the Family and has trained thousands of facilitators to run parenting courses in their local communities. She is married to Pete and they have three adult children, one with additional needs, and seven grandchildren.

Our little ones have spent their first few years of life navigating some pretty big changes and many families are still living with the impact the pandemic has had on their children’s behaviour. After months of bouncing off the same four walls, and with few opportunities to burn off their pent-up energy with other pre-schoolers, we know some days it’ll have been tough to say ‘no’ when we need a break!

So what can we do when their cheeky behaviour that may have once seemed ‘harmless’ or even ‘cute’, starts to wear thin?

Research shows that boundaries matter. Far from restricting character or creativity, clear expectations give young children the security they need to thrive as adults. That’s why this event is full of practical tips for creating loving limits – and sticking to them! Boundary Lines will support you to use your parental authority, renew your confidence to stand your ground (and keep your cool), and enjoy time together as a family.

This event is particularly aimed at parents, grandparents or carers with children under five years old, who are looking for tools to help them handle challenging behaviour, and discover some great strategies for creating and maintaining boundaries.

Dates for 2022 coming soon!

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