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Deep Rooted

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Dates coming soon for 2022!

You’ll come away with …

  • A Biblical perspective on why we need roots before we see fruit
  • Freedom to acknowledge your limits and ask for what you need
  • Ways to identify what’s helping and what’s hindering
  • Strategies to develop your internal capacity to stay rooted during the tough seasons
  • Ideas to nurture a supportive community that helps one another to grow
  • An understanding of how filling up your own cup empowers you to pour into others
Cathy Madavan

Cathy Madavan is a popular speaker and author, who, having faced her fair share of life’s curve balls, encourages others to live with courage and resilience. Cathy lives on the South Coast with her husband Mark and their two daughters who are trying to fly the nest!

Lou Fellingham is an internationally known worship leader and songwriter – if you’ve spent any time listening to Christian music, chances are you’ve heard her sing! Lou and her husband Nathan lead worship together and live in Brighton with their three children.

Shirene Agbelusi is the associate pastor of Coventry Elim Church, a trained counsellor and a champion for Elim Aspire where she lifts up other women to be all they are designed to be. Shirene is married to Sope and they have two children.

It isn’t always easy to be fruitful. From day-to-day pressures, and responsibilities, to things that stop us in our tracks, we need to grow resilience for every season of life – we need deep roots. When we’re going through tough times, it’s vital to recognise how we feel. The Bible encourages us to acknowledge these moments so that we thrive on the journey.

So, as women of faith, we are called to more than simply making it through each day exhausted, overwhelmed and in need of a little lie down! God’s heart is for us to be planted in Him and to flourish.

Deep Rooted is a chance to step back from the busyness and step into the strength God has already planted within you. Come and worship, reflect and hear inspiring stories from down-to-earth women. They will help you build faith-filled resilience and grow long-lasting, life-giving roots, so you can stand firm and be fruitful no matter what life throws at you.

This event is for women of faith from all walks of life, who want to develop resilience and live out God’s promise to be fruitful in every season.

Dates for 2022 coming soon!

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