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Mum’s the Word

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Dates: Tuesday 17 Nov, Wednesday 18 Nov, Thursday 19 Nov

We believe mums are kind of a big deal. After all, at any given point in the day (or night), you could be called on to be doctor, chef, referee, chauffeur, birthday party organiser, life coach, personal stylist, entertainer, dentist, crisis negotiator, laundry service … Talk about a CV!

So we think you’ve earned yourself a night off! Grab yourself a drink of your choice and a nice big tub of ice cream, put your feet up and join Katharine Hill and Cathy Madavan for an evening of fun, encouragement and fresh inspiration.

We want to recognise, affirm and celebrate your role in society. Why? Because you’re worth it! Might sound cheesy, but we think it’s true.

The speakers

Katharine Hill

Katharine Hill is the UK director of Care for the Family. She is a well-known speaker, broadcaster and author of a number of books including Left To Their Own Devices? – Confident Parenting in a World of Screens. She is married to Richard and they have four grown-up children.

Cathy Madavan is a popular speaker, presenter and writer, and writes regularly for Christian publications. Cathy lives with her husband Mark and they have two daughters.

Cathy Madavan

You’ll come away with …

Affirmation of how amazing you are – you are just what your family needs.

Ways to keep a strong connection with each of your family members.

An understanding of the importance of your own wellbeing.

A further grasp of how your children learn about life – you are one of their most important role models.

Is it for you?

Do you have one or numerous children? Are you constantly on your feet, doing everything in your strength to ensure they’re safe, happy and generally well-rounded human beings? Are you in need of a little rest and encouragement? Then yes, this event is for you.

Book now

As the event is repeated each night, please select the date you would like to watch it and add to your basket. All events are 1 hour long and start at 7:30pm, the link to view the event will be in your email confirmation.

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Mum's the Word

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