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Run the Race, Episode 1

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6 October, 20 October, 9 November or 20 November

What happens when you throw an ex-army paratrooper and a 1920’s penny farthing bicycle together? We realise no one has ever asked this question but… in this programme you’ll find that out, and a whole lot more.

Rob Parsons OBE, founder of Care for the Family, Mark Chester, founder of Who Let The Dad’s Out, and Gerrit Bantjes, founder of having a name that no one can pronounce, join together to bring you Run The Race – specifically designed for men.

During this episode, Rob, Mark and Gerrit delve into the realities of how we run the race of life, and what perseverance looks like for us as men today. In any physical race, we can do things to help us endure, and there are real pressures and responsibilities that arise that we can be ready for.

Rob speaks with you entirely from the comfort of our studio … while Mark and Gerrit do so whilst facing each other in a literal bike race, filled with obstacles and challenges. We also have some very special guests to help us unpack perseverance, including Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist John Archer.

The speakers


Rob Parsons, OBE, is the founder of Care for the Family. He is a bestselling author of over 25 books including The Heart of Success and The Sixty Minute Father. He has spoken to governments, many blue chip companies and over a million people globally. In some events, Rob even helps people to realise their dreams, but he also has his own dreams. Like one day being able to beat someone in an arm wrestling match.

Gerrit Bantjes

Gerrit Bantjes has been a British Army paratrooper and fitness coach to Cardiff Rugby Club. He’s an experienced leader of men’s ministry and a world-class communicator, addressing audiences in the UK and abroad. In his spare time, Gerrit fusses over his tiny dogs, teaches people how to say his name correctly and exercises endlessly. He’s probably doing a sit up right now.

Mark Chester

Mark Chester is the founder of Who Let The Dads Out? and Care for the Family’s parent support manager. He has written books about fatherhood and football, and has spoken to thousands of people across the world. For fun, Mark plays football as often as his body allows, hits a golf ball badly, jogs reluctantly and swims slowly.

What people are saying …

It was great just hearing guys being honest and open.

… very entertaining as well as illuminating.

… really impressed, I listened, laughed, and stayed engaged.

Before you go …

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  • Run the Race, Episode 1 is one hour long

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