17 May OR 5 July OR 13 July OR 14 September OR 21 September

You’ll come away with:

  • Confidence to set loving limits and stick to them (even with the most strong-willed ones!)
  • Practical tips for staying the course when your child pushes the boundaries
  • Strategies for managing challenging behaviour and knowing how to pick your battles
  • Insight into the importance and purpose of boundaries
  • An understanding of how to keep a loving connection with your child, whatever they throw your way

Spread the word

We value your support and we’d love our events to reach as many families as possible. If you’re able to help us spread the word, we’ve created a number of promotional items which are available to download and share. We would be delighted if you were in a position to do any of the following:

  • List our events – lets others know by sharing our info on your website
  • Presentations – use the slide during any relevant speaking engagements you may have over the coming months
  • Social media – feel free to use our images on your own social media pages
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