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Free to be

Free to Be

What does freedom really feel like?

We try and maintain the momentum, but life keeps adding yet more challenges! With home and family pressures, workplace challenges, health and relationships – it’s difficult to know what’s worth keeping up and what to let go.

However many plates you’re spinning it’s easy to get distracted and lose sight of who God has designed you to be. Join us for Free To Be where you’ll leave with inspirational, practical ideas, and a renewed vision to step out into the life God has called you to.

Cathy Madavan and Bekah Legg would love you to join them to explore together what freedom in Christ really looks like.

Cathy Bekah Nicki

Cathy is a popular speaker, presenter and writer. She is part of the leadership team of Spring Harvest festival, writes regularly for Liberti magazine, CWR and Bible Reading Fellowship, and recently published her first book Digging for Diamonds. Cathy lives on the South Coast with her husband Mark and they have two teenage girls.

Bekah is Director of Mission at Maybridge Community Church in Worthing and the editor of  Liberti magazine. She is passionate about helping people to discover what freedom really looks like and how to live out their lives in glorious liberty. 

Nicki is a church leader, worship leader and songwriter. Juggling motherhood and ministry, she understands the diverse pressures facing women and is passionate about equipping, encouraging and championing them to thrive in all areas of life. 

Cathy and Bekah will look at these four themes:

Free to be me

How to be true to myself instead of letting others define who I am.

Free to love and be loved

How to set boundaries and build healthy relationships.

Free to be real

How to live authentically in the midst of life’s challenges.

Free to be brave

How to invest my life and make a difference. If not me, who?!

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Alas, our 2017 tour has now ended. But fear not, we have other events that might interest you!