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The Wisdom House – Live

Because you don’t always
have to learn the hard way

“There’s a story of a land far away where the old people, before they died, wrote down a life lesson on a scroll. The scroll would be rolled up, and the villagers would keep them in a hut at the centre of the village.”

Once a year, the elders would gather everyone together and they would read those life lessons, not just to the young, but to those in later life too. They called that little hut The Wisdom House.”

Wisdom House on the night

Rob Parsons has travelled the world meeting people from all walks of life and from cultures as diverse as New York and Borneo. He has spoken to governments, companies and over a million individuals. He has written fifteen books.

At The Wisdom House you get the chance to spend an evening with Rob as he unpacks some of the life lessons he has learnt from old and young alike, plus a few he has learnt the hard way! Bring your friends and neighbours.

With inspiring teaching, stories to touch your heart and time to laugh together, any minute of this evening could change your life … forever.

Our 2017 tour has now come to a close. 2018 dates will be released soon!