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You may have some sympathy with the parent who wrote to us at Care for the Family and said, “It just gets harder and harder – I wish the iPhone had never been invented’. It has, and it’s here to stay – we live in a digital age.


Parenting our children responsibly in a digital age is a challenge that Care for the Family’s Katharine Hill has been tackling head on. Following the success of her popular book Left To Their Own Devices? , she has spoken in schools and on tour at live events. Coming soon, is a new group resource for parents and schools to work through this great material for themselves.


This 90-minute session will allow parents and teachers to delve into the pros and cons of the online world that our children inhabit. It faces the challenges and provides an opportunity for parents to share experiences, ideas and gives practical tips on how to be a great parent in a world of screens.


This video-based resource can be purchased as a pack or downloaded for free from Care for the Family’s website.


It will be available from the end of October 2019.


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