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Parenting Teenagers

Do you feel like your teenager has become a different person overnight?  Or maybe your child is almost a teenager and you’re feeling a bit apprehensive about what’s ahead. You’re not alone!

There’s hardly a mum or dad on the face of the earth who, at times, is not overawed by the task of parenting. We know that the teenage years are a time of change, not only for them but for the parents as well!

At Parenting Teenagers – getting them (and you!) through, Rob and Katharine share some practical strategies to help you understand this time of change. Discover how to best support your teen as they begin to explore who they are while facing all the pressures of life as a teenager today.

You will come away with:

  • An understanding of your teenager’s world
  • The confidence to choose your battles
  • Strategies to help your teens face the big issues
  • Encouragement … and hope!



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