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The Wisdom House

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Often in life we are told that the most important lessons must be learnt the hard way, but does it always have to be like this? Join Rob Parsons at The Wisdom House to learn from the triumphs and failures that he has experienced in his own life, plus life changing tips he has learnt from others. Whether it’s delving into discovering personal strengths or the power of friendships, the evening will be full of real life stories that will make you laugh and perhaps even shed a tear.

The speaker


Rob Parsons has a wealth of wisdom he would love to share with you. Rob is a bestselling author and international speaker. He has also travelled the world meeting people from all walks of life and cultures.

“Parsons has a rare gift – he is a true storyteller.” John Archer

You will come away with …

The courage to pursue your dreams.

The confidence to be who you were made to be.

Tips on how to deal with difficult people.

The secret to genuine friendships.

Ideas on how to discover and play to your personal strengths.

Is it for you?

This event is for anyone and everyone, across the generations, who wants to gain a bit more wisdom to apply to their day to day life.

A taster of the evening

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NB: Tickets for The Wisdom House will be processed through Eventbrite.

If you have trouble booking online, please call: 029 2081 0800

All events are from 7.30 pm – 10.00 pm

(Doors open from 7.00 pm and refreshments will be made available until 7.15 pm)

Tuesday 17th March

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Thursday 14th May

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