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Because family life matters

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Other support, events and courses

We recognise how important it is to encourage and strengthen our own faith in order to impact our family lives as well.  We have some exciting faith based events that will inspire you in your adventure with God and resources that can be used on your own or as a church.

Brand new podcast series!

Faith in the Family Podcast

We have a brand new podcast especially for Christian couples and parents. Each episode features Rob Parsons and Katharine Hill discussing ways in which we can build faith in our homes. Covering topics such as praying together as couples, showing hospitality in our homes, what to do when our children question faith and much more. Check it out here!

Faith in the Family Sessions

How can we live out our faith in our daily family life? These stimulating teaching sessions, recorded live at the Faith in the Family conference, explore the issues. Be inspired as these popular speakers share practical tips and real-life examples with honesty and humour. See more videos here!

For men

In the Arena

There are many arenas of life and in each one men will face uncertainties or difficulties that can test our integrity, resilience and character. But God has called us to live our lives with perseverance, to run the race set before us and to run to win.

In the Arena is a men’s event where we will share with you helpful strategies to strengthen and empower you. Discover the importance of preparation and training that enables you to survive the tough times that can affect your most important relationships, work and inner or spiritual life.

Join Philip Jinadu and Gerrit Bantjes as they explore practical drills that will help you through everyday life.

For all

At The Wisdom House you get the chance to spend an evening with Rob as he unpacks some of the life lessons he has learnt from old and young alike, plus a few he has learnt the hard way! Bring your friends and neighbours.

With inspiring teaching, stories to touch your heart and time to laugh together, any minute of this evening could change your life … forever.

Support for those who adopt and foster


As part of the Home for Good initiative, Care for the Family aims to equip churches to know how they can effectively support such families.

Read our guide for churches here or receive a free copy by post.

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You bring the people … And we’ll get the conversations going!

The Wisdom House DVD is designed to help you build genuine friendships with people and begin to really listen to each other as you chat about everyday life issues.

Churches may find this product particularly useful as a way of gathering together folk in their community.

The Wisdom House DVD

Faith based resources

Getting Your Kids Through Church DVD
Keeping Faith Cover_2147483647x2147483647
Forever Changed
Prodigals pack
What they didnt teach me in Sunday School

Click here for more faith based items or resources you can use in your church community.