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Raising Faith Resources

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Whether you are a mum, dad, carer, grandparent or church leader – we all want our children to grow up to be healthy and happy, but do we ever think about how we can help them grow up to love God?

Sometimes we don’t know where to start or what will work in the busyness of everyday life. We’ve got a bunch of stuff to help you, wherever you are on the journey.

DVD Sessions

Raising Faith Sessions 16x9

Want to explore with other parents and dig a bit deeper?

Get a small group together and use our ready-to-run video-based sessions.

Get the book


Short on time?

The Raising Faith book is packed with bite-sized articles and helpful ideas to try out.


The Kitchen Table Project is a growing movement of mums, dads and carers joining together to share ideas, learn from and support each other.

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