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Parenting and faith

Nurturing faith in your children

Passing on our faith to our children may seem daunting, yet parents have a special bond with their children which means they can be effective in ways no one else can. Find out how parents can be encouraged and equipped, and how churches can support parents in their task.

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Children and faith

It’s estimated that only 50% of the children of Christian parents grow up with a personal faith of their own as adults.

So within our Faith in the Family initiative, we want to equip Christian parents to ‘pass on’ faith to their children. As parents, we are our children’s biggest influence – but we often feel ill equipped, or simply don’t know where to start.

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New for 2018!

Care for the Family will be launching the ‘Kitchen Table Project‘ as a national initiative to support parents in nurturing faith in their children.

Check out the Kitchen Table Project website for further details … You can sign up now to receive key information about the project, as well as get connected to the online community.

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Parents are their children’s biggest influence – but many feel ill equipped or simply don’t know where to start.

With the help of 9dot-research, we carried out research to explore the big picture and to hear people’s experiences. Download the research here.