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Building blocks

‘Building Blocks’ – a free resource to help you realise your group’s full potential

This free resource is designed to help your church toddler group think through its vision and develop its potential, and is full of ideas about how you might engage with the parents and carers who attend your group more effectively.

Although it can be read alone, it’s designed to be worked through with your team, and there are questions for your group to consider and spaces to write the answers.

There are four short sections: ‘Shaping the vision’; ‘Developing spirituality and faith’; ‘Engaging with parents and carers’; and ‘Sharing faith through toddler groups’.

As well as these, there are eight ‘extras’ with some great resources, including:

  • Top tips for storytellers
  • Music time
  • Learning through play
  • Worship – the under 5s way
  • Sample toddler services
  • ‘Building Blocks’ was jointly written by the Carer and Toddler Strategy Group, (grandly abbreviated to CATS!), a group made up of toddler group experts from across several denominations, who believe that toddler groups have an essential part to play in the life of the church and communities today.

    The CATS group is making this resource available online absolutely free, as they want to see it being used across the country. You can download ‘Building Blocks’ from many websites, including Scripture Union.