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COVID-19 Support for Toddler Groups

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It’s certainly been challenging to navigate the guidelines for toddler groups, particularly with the four nations having different rules, local area lockdowns, and regulations frequently changing.

We have collated information and support on resources and ideas for toddler groups around COVID-19 to help us navigate this season we are in. We will seek to update this throughout the year and support you in whatever way we can.

We have also been gathering ideas to help you and your group stay connected. Keep up to date by joining our Playtime Facebook Group and sign up to our Playtime Newsletter for regular updates.

Information and support during COVID-19

Some helpful information to help toddler groups understand and adapt to national and local regulations.

Ideas for toddler groups in COVID-19

Some creative ways that toddler groups are staying connected to each other. Could one of these work for you?

Messy Church Guidelines

Can we meet as Messy Church again? Here’s some guidance to help you make those decisions.

Truth Be Told - Storytelling for life

Here’s a Toddler Group Self-Assessment Tool, to be used as a strategy guide for leaders and helpers. 

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