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Because family life matters

Playtime Conference 2017

The Playtime Conference is a fantastic opportunity for toddler group leaders and their teams to come together to be inspired, supported and resourced.

Toddler groups are one of the most important ministries that communities have to reach families and give them the much needed friendships, love and confidence that bringing up a family demands.

And yet toddler group leaders need investment too. Being a group leader you are the parent, grandparent, friend, counsellor, first aider, teacher and child ‘minder’. And that’s along with many other tasks you invest your time in with your group. The Playtime Conference this year is about ‘Building Stronger, Together’. It gives you a whole day to speak, connect, share and build with others, which is vital to keep going and growing stronger.

Main sessions

Throughout the day, you will receive affirming messages given by skilled communicators.

The Heart of Success – building a team that makes a difference

Rob Parsons, OBE, Chairman and Founder, Care for the Family

Rob will give us strategies that he has shared with blue-chip companies, large charities and even governments across the world – so why not for our parent and toddler group!  This is how Rob puts it: “The task of finding those who will help us, and then developing them and above all envisioning and encouraging them – especially in the tough times – is one of the crucial tasks of leadership.” 

Built to last

Katharine Hill, UK Director, Care for the Family

As a mum of four, Katharine Hill has first-hand experience of the amazing resource that toddler groups are for the local church. In this session she will help you dig deeper into the foundations of building lasting relationships with the community.



This year’s Conference is the biggest yet! Alongside our main sessions, we will have 14 new workshops in the following areas:

  • Building family life
  • Building community
  • Building leadership
  • Engaging team

Playtime Tickets 2017

Book tickets:

30 September – Sheffield

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