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Because family life matters

Playtime Conference 2017 – Workshops

Please note: once you have booked your ticket, keep an eye out for an email, that will be sent late spring, for you to choose your workshops.

Invaluable tips on attachment

Trisha Anderson and Hilary Beard, Care for the Family – 10.40 AM
Attachment is a deep and enduring emotional bond that should connect parent and child, and is fundamental to the child’s healthy development. Come and hear how to help families bond through attachment and find out about an exciting new resource on this topic.

We LOVE families with additional needs

Nicola Watson, Care for the Family – 1.45 PM
More and more toddler groups have families with additional needs coming through their doors, which is great news. But what do toddler groups need to make sure they have in place for both the parent and child to have the best experience?

Feed positive learning and behaviour

Katharine Tate, The Food Teacher – 1.45 PM
Research suggests modern lifestyles, environment and diets have impacted significantly on behaviour and learning difficulties. Understanding these factors and the impact they can have on child development, can help identify and address some of the challenges that families and toddler groups face.

Helping families share faith with their children

Andy Frost, Share Jesus International – 3.00 PM
This practical and creative seminar will explore how kids grow spiritually and look at the family’s role in helping them explore the Christian faith. We’ll be looking at some key values; how we can help families to develop what they’re already doing; and some simple steps in aiding parents to become more intentional in discipling their children.

Making God accessible through play

Victoria Beech, Godventure – 10.40 AM
Wouldn’t it be great if children and parents considered your toddler group a safe space to playfully explore Bible stories and get to know God? This workshop explores ways you can apply the principles of Godly Play to help them discover God for themselves.

Discovering the potential of puppets for your toddler group

Ian Jones, One Way puppets – 10.40 AM
Puppets are a fun and engaging way of interacting with both children and adults alike in your toddler group. This practical workshop will give you loads of ideas for using different puppets to share the gospel. Come along and be inspired and make friends with Rover and Scruff, the Dogs in a Bag who can be friends for life. Never underestimate the power of a puppet!

It’s all about the welcome: embracing diversity in a toddler group

Joanna Gordon, Daniel’s Den – 10.40 AM
‘Thank you for making us so welcome – you’re not at all cliquey.’ How do we ensure folks leave our groups saying this? This workshop will explore practical ways in which we can welcome families of different cultures, faiths and ages and build a genuine community.

Children’s spirituality – God’s way of being with children and their ways of being with God

Lynn Alexander, author – 1.45 PM
This workshop will look briefly at the scientific evidence that children are ‘wired’ to connect with God. Lynn will outline how we can nurture this spirituality in many ways in our interactions with children in the group, including the space we use, the songs we sing, the attitudes we portray and the expectations we have.

Generational storytelling – communicating memorable Bible stories

Bob Hartman, children’s author and storyteller – 3 PM
Many families struggle to pass on simple Bible stories to their children. If we don’t want to lose Bible stories through the generations, how can families keep them fresh, exciting and memorable? Children’s author and storyteller Bob Hartman will offer his unique and compelling insights.

We shall overcome!

Judith Twani, Early Excellence – 10.40 AM
A humorous and practical look at some of the challenging dynamics encountered in toddler groups. We will realise we are not alone!

Making the leap – from group to church and church to group

Richard Hardy, The Entheos Trust – 1.45 PM
Toddler groups often face two fundamental challenges. Firstly, helping the church to own and support the group. And secondly, helping the group to become part of the church. In this fast-paced seminar Richard will share ideas to help bridge the gap.

Safeguarding – stay safe!

Rachel Gotobed, Salvation Army – 3 PM
In this workshop we will seek to understand what ‘safeguarding’ means in relation to toddler groups and to gain some practical tools and ideas to make sure everyone in our groups is able to stay safe.

Effective leadership

Paula Pridham, Care for the Family
1.45pm and 3.00pm double session seminar

Invest in your team by booking your place on this workshop. Topics will include: leadership styles, handling conflict, managing different personalities and incentivising your team. Only 60 places available so book early to guarantee your place!

When you book this workshop, you will be sent a link to an online questionnaire for you to complete in advance. You will need to complete this at least two weeks before the conference so your personal profile can be prepared.

As group leaders we all try to do the best possible job we can. But in order to lead a team well we have to know ourselves well too. We need to understand who we are, how we are perceived, and identify the ways we lead effectively and areas we could improve. We need to gain a better understanding of the complex character God created in us!

Using your own individual Birkman* personality and leadership assessment, this workshop will help you understand:

  • Your ministry style
  • Your leadership and management style
  • Your effective, and less effective, approaches to:
    • Influencing others
    • Handling others
    • Managing your time
    • Managing conflict
    • Forgiving others

    * The Birkman Method is a powerful tool that identifies a person’s passions, behaviour, motivation and interests.