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Playtime Conference 2018

The Playtime Conference is a fantastic opportunity for toddler group leaders and their teams to come together to be inspired, supported and resourced.

The Playtime Conference will be returning in 2018 with the theme ‘Planting Seeds’. The venue for 2018 will be confirmed in the New Year so keep an eye out!

Toddler groups are a fantastic way to invite families from your local area into a loving community who will look out for them and give parents the support that bringing up a family demands. As a toddler group leader you invest a great amount of time and energy into these families. The Playtime Conference will give you an opportunity to connect and share ideas with others to encourage your group to strengthen and grow.  There will also be a wide range of workshops to choose from to give you the tools to support parents and families in practical ways through your toddler groups.

More people attended our 2017 conference than ever before! Individuals who attended our 2017 conference said …

“I’ve been inspired to see my toddler group in a new light”

“It’s given me a renewed sense of confidence and some fantastic new and fresh ideas which I can easily implement at our toddler group”

We also launched Playtime: Action Songs for Toddlers, an ideal CD full of fun action songs for your toddlers to sing and dance to! Find out more and purchase your copy here.

Plus, discover our brand new and original song from Playtime to teach your toddler group, featuring some great actions and special guests!