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Playtime National Conference – 2020

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Registration for this year’s conference has now closed, but we recognise that many toddler groups and their teams are actively seeking helpful information and ideas to navigate the COVID-19 regulations.

The theme for our Playtime National Conference this year was ‘Salt and Light’. How can toddler groups throughout the country be salt and light in their communities, particularly during this ever-changing season?

It’s certainly been challenging to understand and interpret the guidelines, particularly with the four nations having different rules, local area lockdowns taking place, and regulations frequently changing. Take a look below at our links to further sources of information.

We have also been gathering ideas to help you and your group stay connected, and be salt and light in your community. Keep up to date by joining our Playtime Facebook Group and sign up to our Playtime Newsletter for regular updates.

Information and support during COVID-19

Some helpful information to help toddler groups understand and adapt to national and local regulations.

Ideas for toddler groups in COVID-19

Some creative ways that toddler groups are staying connected to each other. Could one of these work for you?

Helpful resources from the conference speakers and workshops

Mental health awareness

Mum and newborn

One of our workshops, hosted by Jennie Frost, will be discussing the importance of mental health and wellbeing amongst parents in our toddler groups. We have a really helpful booklet on mental wellbeing to help support churches and toddler group leaders.

Bereavement support

Widowed Young Support

In one of our snack bite sessions, Steve Smart shares how we can support bereaved people in our toddler groups and communities. The resources include; our Bereavement Care Awareness training events and support and our Top Tips leaflet.

Godventure resources - Faith at home

Godventure magazine

Victoria Beech from Godventure will be sharing all about faith at home mini-mags for families! Take a look at her amazing resources, which could bring such joy and encouragement to the families in your toddler group.

Jumping For My God

We’re releasing a new song at this year’s conference. Another great action song for you to use in your toddler groups – even if you’re using video calling!

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