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Playtime National Conference 2021

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The 2021 online event for the Playtime National Conference has now come to an end.

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What others are saying

“Such an equipping and liberating conference, feeling free of the burden to do more or better, just full of ideas and encouragement…”

“…the interactive zoom breaks were a great idea to share ideas with others from different churches from your own home.”

“Loved all the speakers and workshops – so inspired and enthused again!”

A catalyst makes a chemical reaction go faster – it sparks a reaction. At this year’s Playtime National Conference we want to gather toddler group teams to reignite your imagination and passion for your groups. Change starts with us, and we believe that leaders and helpers around the country have the power to ‘spark reactions’ in their groups. These positive waves of influence can impact not only the inner walls of your groups, but your communities too.

No matter where you live, you can join Helen Lock and Paula Pridham as they host a jam-packed programme of online talks and workshops. You’ll also be able to interact with us using the live chat, connect with workshop speakers in live Q&A sessions, exchange ideas in our networking cafés and be in with a chance to showcase your creative side. If you’re ready to become a catalyst for change, book your ticket for an explosive time together!

“…it was the first time in over 20 years of doing toddler groups that I’ve been able to join in with it being online. Lots of encouragement and lovely stories. Thank you so much.”

Main session topics

It’s half-time, the team is losing and their heads are down. And then the manager brings on a player who inspires the group to go back on the pitch and play their hearts out. They might not always win, but everybody watching knows they’ve watched somebody remarkable at work: a game-changer. How can we be that man or woman?

Some people are like thermometers – they simply tell you what is going on around them. But we can be like thermostats – people who deliberately set the temperature and change the atmosphere, for the better! How could small changes make a big difference in creating a climate of faith, hope and love?

Featured workshops

Church and toddler groups: an explosive relationship

Rev Andrew Ginn

Loving others and loving yourself

Shell Perris

Being creative throughout the year with Christian festivals

Ed Drew

The main speakers

Rob Parsons

Rob Parsons, OBE, is the founder and chairman of Care for the Family. He is a bestselling author of over 20 books, including The Sixty Minute Family, and has spoken to over a million individuals around the world. Rob is an excellent communicator and has a wealth of wisdom to share.

Cathy Madavan

Cathy Madavan is a speaker, writer and broadcaster and speaks regularly with Care for the Family. She is married to Mark, a church leader, and they have two daughters who are currently trying to fly the nest!

Worship by Sue Rinaldi

Sue Rinaldi

Sue travels internationally as a worship leader, concert artist, speaker and creative consultant, and has also been instrumental in developing the Playtime: Action Songs for Toddlers, Playtime: Bible Songs for Toddlers and Playtime: Praise Songs for Toddlers CDs.

You’ll come away with …

Fresh and imaginative ideas for your toddler group.

Practical ways to grow a climate of faith with families in your group.

Resources and inspiration to motivate you and your team.

Insight into the unique opportunities within your group and how to harness them.

Is it for you?

If you are a passionate toddler group leader, team member, or even hoping to initiate one soon, we think the Playtime National Conference is the perfect chance to create some sparks in your ministry!

The 2021 online event for the Playtime National Conference has now come to an end.

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