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A Party for Baby Jesus

Here’s an interactive nativity story for a toddler group Christmas party or celebration or for families to use at home. Its message is simply that Christmas is the birthday of Jesus, the baby who slept in a manger.

Ask the adults to bring their children (or a soft toy) dressed as a nativity character. It doesn’t matter how many Marys, Josephs and shepherds come along on the day. Grown-ups can dress up, too! You might like to invite your church leader and ask them to make the brief point that since Christmas is a birthday party for Jesus, it would be a shame to leave Jesus out of the celebrations.


Pictures to colour

Download these pictures for your children to colour in and name.


Playtime Angel

Party invitations, posters and banners

To complement the story booklet and pictures, download party invitations, posters and banners at

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