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Resourcing Churches

If you’re looking for resources to support families in your church or the wider community, or to help you with outreach, there’s plenty here to help you – and much of it is FREE. Take a look at the sections below to find courses, resources and much more.

Mother & Child

Supporting parents

As churches, we are ideally positioned to support parents through the joys and challenges of family life.

Offering a course to your community is a great way to reach out to people and help them in their everyday lives – it’s also an engaging way to get them connected to church! The resources are also useful for parents within your congregation and church community; they’re flexible and can be used in a variety of contexts and small groups.


Supporting couples

Are you looking to support couples in their relationships, either in the church or in the wider community?

We have a popular marriage preparation course – Marriage by Design as well as a flexible DVD based resource called The Marriage Sessions, which is suitable for couples in all stages of life.

Bereavement Care Awareness

Supporting bereaved people

Supporting bereaved people in a church or wider community is a privileged, but sometimes daunting task for church leaders and lay people.

Whether you have many years of working in this area or are relatively new to it, and whatever your understanding of grief processes, we hope this information will be of help as you support those suffering the pain and heartache of loss.


Supporting toddler group leaders

Playtime provides support and ideas for all who engage with young families in a toddler group setting.

Discover guidance for setting up and running a successful group, the annual Playtime conference, the regular Playtime email newsletter, craft ideas and more!

You have to see this

Other events and resources

As churches, we have the opportunity to gather men and women, old and young, singles, families and couples together to be equipped and inspired. We offer a variety of events and resources to help you in your mission to strengthen those in your community.

Check out our event tours for ‘In the Arena’ and ‘Free to Be’, where men and women can get together for a night of encouragement and inspiration.

Or maybe you’re looking for a flexible small group resource that works inside and outside the church community? Our DVD based resource ‘The Wisdom House’ has everything you need to start a great conversation.