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Supporting couples in your church

Are you looking to support couples in their relationship, either within the church or in the wider community? The church can offer an incredible opportunity to couples who are seeking to put God at the centre of their marriage.

We have a variety of different resources to equip you to support couples within your church community.


A great resource for couples events and small group discussion

The Marriage Sessions is a flexible, four-part resource that explores how a couple can build a fantastic relationship. Whether newlyweds or married for years, this is a fantastic opportunity for couples to invest in and enrich their marriage.


Are you looking to run a marriage preparation course?

Hosted by broadcaster Simon Thomas, and presented as a series of five sessions intended to provide practical ideas and insights for any engaged couple preparing for marriage.

This Care for the Family DVD is presented in a light-hearted and interactive format and will help any couple set the foundations for a long and fulfilling marriage.

Connecting people to great resources


This is a very simple and straightforward book that gets to the heart of the matter quickly, plainly and practically. It is an invaluable help for every couple at every moment in their marriage, covering topics such as: communication, sex, conflict and money.


In this lovely little collection of quotes and sayings, Rob Parsons and Katharine Hill capture the pressure points and the highs and lows of domestic trials and bliss. They remind us to make the very most of the time we have with the most important person in the world.

Loving against the odds PLI

Full of honesty relevant to every marriage. Strong marriages need protecting, whilst marriages experiencing difficult times need strengthening and encouraging. This is a book designed to help any couple at any stage of their marriage.

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