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Supporting parents in your church

Raising children can be a physical and emotional rollercoaster!

Mums and dads need all the support they can get – to help them through both the joys and challenges of being a parent.

As Christians we may be particularly concerned about how we can help parents in our churches to raise our children in the faith. Offering a course to your community is a great way you can reach out to people and help them in their everyday lives – and also put them in touch with the church. And the content can also benefit those parents within your congregation.

Kitchen Table Project

Kitchen Table Project

Get connected to a movement of mums, dads and carers learning together and encouraging each other to inspire faith at home.

As churches, you have the opportunity to encourage, equip and inspire parents to live out a real and authentic faith at home. We are here to provide resources, host events and connect you to the conversation, to enable you to support the parents in your church community.


Your free church toolkit

The toolkit has been designed as a pick-and-mix of resources that you can use in a way that suits your individual church.

The aim is to develop a culture among parents and the church as a whole that helps us all be involved in nurturing our children’s faith in a real and natural way. Our vision is that as a result, many more of our young people grow up with a lasting faith in God.

Have a look at the User Guide and then download anything you would like to use. Or, find out more from our church ambassador, Gerrit Bantjes.

Supporting parent group leaders

WLTDO Thumbnail

Who Let The Dads Out?

A movement that inspires and resources churches to support fathers, father-figures and their children. Find out more here.

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Providing support and advice for anyone interested in engaging with young families in a toddler group setting. Find out more here.

Use one of these ready-to-run courses in your church or community

Or visit our training pages to find out how you can become a licensed facilitator and deliver our popular range of Time Out for Parents courses to parents in your church community.

Raising Faith DVD promo

Raising Faith

Raising Faith is a NEW flexible, six-part resource that explores how Christian families can create strong and healthy foundations of faith in their children.

Getting your kids through church 724x483

Getting Your Kids Through Church

Getting Your Kids Through Church is for anyone who is passionate about nurturing and encouraging faith in the next generation.

Would you like to download this DVD pack for FREE? Click here for more details.

Parentalk Primary Years 724x483

Parentalk - The Primary Years

In six sessions, Parentalk – The Primary Years looks at the topics that affect just about every family with young children.

Would you like to download this DVD pack for FREE? Click here for more details.

Parentalk Teenage Years 724x483

Parentalk - The Teenage Years

In six sessions, Parentalk – The Teenage Years explores the unique opportunities and challenges that come with raising teenagers.

Would you like to download this DVD pack for FREE? Click here for more details.

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