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Battle Drills

Care for the Family wishes to draw alongside men, shoulder to shoulder, to bring encouragement and support in areas of life that might not always get discussed.


Battle Drills was established as an event by men, for men, where godly principles, funny stories and practical ideas come together to speak into real life situations.

We believe this event will serve to enhance any existing men’s ministry as it is crafted to be either seeker-sensitive or overtly faith based, depending on the needs of the group.

Preparing for life’s battles

No matter who we are, we all face challenges that can come without any warning. To successfully meet those challenges we need to be prepared and equipped. We need to be trained and ready to handle real life problems that can affect our important relationships, our work or our Christian faith.

Battle Drills is a men’s event where Gerrit Bantjes will share his biblical and other practical strategies for dealing with everyday life. He will explore key topics such as how you are stronger than you think, the need to train yourself to be Godly and how to keep on and finish the race. Gerrit has learnt through life’s experiences that drills save lives. 

Gerrit has been a British Army paratrooper and a fitness coach to the Cardiff Rugby Club. He currently works full time for Care for the Family. Gerrit is also a husband and father with a real compassion and understanding of life’s highs and lows.


We have only a few dates in our calendar each year when we can present the event, so the first step is to complete the details below as fully as you can and we’ll get back to you to discuss it further.

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