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Raising Faith is a flexible, six-part resource that explores how Christian families can create strong and healthy foundations of faith in their children.

Each session provides the content for a two-hour, stand-alone session and gives parents and carers the opportunity to discuss their own experiences and explore some key parenting principles. It’s warm, friendly, fun and designed to dispel the guilt and give lots of practical ideas for nurturing faith at home.

Raising Faith is presented by Katharine Hill and Andy Frost and features wisdom from a range of guest experts including Dr Krish Kandiah (Home for Good), Rachel Turner (Parenting for Faith) and Mark Chester (Who Let the Dads Out?).

In these exceptional circumstances we are now making this resource available digitally at no charge. It’s ideal for parents and carers to watch and discuss with a few friends or as a small group, whether that’s meeting in person or online. Or you may simply want to view the content yourself at home.

Simply fill in the form below for access to the download page where you will find everything you need to run a session or watch at home.

Alternatively you can buy a pack which contains all the material on a DVD, a Group Leader’s Guide booklet and eight copies of the booklet for parents.

Resource details

The key themes:

  • Building faith through everyday life
  • Creating the right environment to nurture faith
  • Making your faith visible
  • Different ways we connect with God
  • Doubts and questions
  • Belonging in the church

Video features include:

  • Real-life family interviews
  • Presenter teaching
  • Advice from experts
  • Family vox pops
  • Animations teaching key concepts

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