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Supporting resources

We recognise how important it is to encourage and strengthen our own faith in order to impact our family lives as well. We have some exciting faith based events that will inspire you in your adventure with God and resources that can be used on your own or as a church.

Faith in the Family Podcast

A podcast series especially for Christian couples and parents. Rob Parsons and Katharine Hill discuss ways in which we can build faith in our homes. Covering topics such as praying together as couples, showing hospitality in our homes, what to do when our children question faith and much more.

Faith in the Family Sessions

How can we live out our faith in our daily family life? These stimulating teaching sessions, recorded live at the Faith in the Family conference, explore the issues. Be inspired as these popular speakers share practical tips and real-life examples with honesty and humour.


Faith-based events

Our faith-based events will be hosted online this Autumn, including; the Playtime National Conference, Raising Faith and The Wisdom House.

Getting your kids through church 724x483

Getting Your Kids Through Church

Getting Your Kids Through Church is for anyone who is passionate about nurturing and encouraging faith in the next generation.

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We have a variety of faith-based resources to support you and your family. Including books, DVD courses and CDs.

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