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Daddy Cool! parenting course

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For men who are courageous, risk-takers, survivors and irresistible – in other words, dads!

Daddy Cool! is a five-session parenting programme for dads and father figures. It’s not touchy, feely, pink and fluffy stuff. It’s about food, activity, competition and facing up to the challenges of being a dad. Working through crunchy subjects like making memories and inspiring respect is made easier by a relaxed takeaway meal at the heart of each session. At the end of a Daddy Cool! programme, take the group of dads with their children for a day out.

Daddy Cool! was developed initially as a follow-on activity for Who Let The Dads Out? group attendees who wanted to dig deeper into some key aspects of a dad’s role as a parent and male role model to their children, but it works equally well as a gateway activity which could in turn lead to the setting up of a Who Let The Dads Out? group.

The five-session programme consists of the following downloadable PDFs:

  • Introduction, which is an overview for course leaders including why to run a Daddy Cool! programme, how to prepare and tips for running the sessions.
  • Session 1: Leaving a legacy, which helps men to understand how important fathers are to their children, what the role of a father is, and to explore the legacy they would like to leave their children.
  • Session 2: Tuning in, which helps men to understand that tuning into your children is a challenge and requires a conscious act of will and a degree of sacrifice.
  • Session 3: Making memories, which helps men to explore how they were fathered and how that defines themselves as fathers, and to consider how they would like to be remembered by their children.
  • Session 4: Inspiring respect, which helps men to identify what respect-inspiring characteristics they already have and which ones they might need to work on.
  • Session 5: Nurturing values and spiritual beliefs, which helps men to explore what values and beliefs they would want to pass on to their children, and ways of passing on those beliefs and values effectively.

Each session consists of:

  • A warm-up – typically 20 minutes
  • A welcome or review from the previous session – typically 15 minutes
  • A meaty section – typically 45 minutes
  • A meal – typically 30 minutes
  • An assignment for the next session – 10 minutes

This is supported by warm-up game ideas and printable activity sheets for the meaty bit and the assignment.

It is free to download and run a Daddy Cool! programme.

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