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Andy Butt

Andy Butt

Andy Butt is a proud Essex boy. A lifelong and often long-suffering fan of Billericay Town FC, he enjoys a pint of warm beer, aka Real Ale, or a mug of tea, basically Andy loves anything that’s brewed. With a business background in IT, he says his all-time comic book superhero is Asterix the Gaul. To try and stay fit, you may find him riding a bike or skiing in the French Alps.

Anglican by default not by design, Andy is a founder of Dambusters, the Who Let The Dads Out? group which has been running at Christ Church Billericay since February 2006. He is passionate about sharing the gospel with those the church doesn’t normally reach, especially families, children and young people, through action rather than just words.

Married to Sue, he has two grown-up children, a daughter-in-law and a new grandson. As a recent first-time grandad, Andy’s currently pondering how the church can reach out to grandparents and their grandchildren, in an age when so much weekday childcare is provided by the older generations.

If you live in Essex and want to talk more about a Who Let The Dads Out? group, do get in touch.

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