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Dirk Uitterdijk

Dirk Uitterdijk

Hi, I’m Dirk. I am in my 60s and am married to Rose. We have 3 grown up children: Anya, Joshua and Bethan. I am originally from Holland from a family of eight children and we live in Ellesmere Port, where Rose is a Community Baptist Minister. I first came to England in 1981 to study at Moorlands Theological College, near Bournemouth. After working for Hoole Baptist church I joined the Children’s Society, then the YMCA, various fathering organisations before working in prisons and at present part time for a Methodist church. I was there at the first Who Let The Dads Out? session in 2003 and am friends with Mark & Tony. I enjoy ‘viewing ‘the greatest show on earth’ – our kids and our grandsons Micah, Nathan & James growing up!

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