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Who Let The Dads Out? Merchandise

We’ve teamed up with Christian Publishing and Outreach (CPO) to create a range of Who Let The Dads Out? branded clothing and other merchandise including:

How to order

You can see the full range of Who Let The Dads Out? merchandise on the CPO website – or just click on the product links below.

If you’d like to place a group order you can use this handy order form:

Download Branded Gear brochure

How to use the order form:

  • Print off this brochure that illustrates the range available and allows you to make a note of the dads’ orders
  • PLEASE NOTE – the brochure prices don’t include a delivery charge.  You can view CPOs scale of delivery charges here.  We recommend you cover the delivery out of your general Who Let The Dads Out? group funds if you can, to keep things simple
  • Collect the money from the dads
  • Place the order with CPO and await delivery
  • Go to and search for ‘Who Let The Dads Out’ to place the order
  • Remember to keep the order form so you know who to distribute the goods to when they arrive.


T-shirts, polo shirts and aprons for the team

Who Let The Dads Out? branded t-shirts (light grey) and polo shirts (black or navy) are ideal to make clear who is on team.

Aprons in yellow and blue for help to keep you unsplattered while cooking sausages.

Hoodies and t-shirts for dads

For blokes: the Mountain Dad t-shirts are available in four lovely colours (Dark blue, light green, yellow and silver). Our fab hoodie is available in four sizes for adults.

T-shirts for lads and lassies

Children’s t-shirts bearing the words ‘Mountain Lass’ and ‘Mountain Lad’ are available for 5-6 year olds, 7-8 year olds and 9-10 year olds in light green and yellow.


Publicity materials

Publicity materials including invites/flyers, business cards, key rings, fridge magnets, stickers,  – everything you need to tell your community about your group.