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WLTDO? Stories

This page contains Who Let The Dads Out? group stories, which we hope will inspire and encourage you as you develop your own work among families in your community.

A community centre offers courses and training alongside a regular Who Let The Dads Out? group


How ‘Dads, Lads and Lassies!’ has grown and expanded to impact the community.


How does Who Let the Dads Out? apply in a smaller, rural context?


Being inspired by grandads who come to Who Let the Dads Out?


Sharing faith through a pre-church breakfast.


How one man came to faith through his experiences at Who Let the Dads Out?


The value of Who Let The Dads Out? to male foster carers.


Running a Who Let the Dads Out? group with steady but not spectacular numbers.


The ups and downs of running a Who Let the Dads Out? group.


Learn how one church on the edge of Manchester is pioneering a midweek group specifically for dads and their toddlers.


Discover how a Who Let the Dads Out? group in Kent led an ‘alternative’ service in celebration of Father’s Day on 17th June 2018.




Playtime and CPO are partnering together to bring toddler groups some new seasonal resources. These include fun, interactive stories, prayers and family take-away sheets for use within the home.


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