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Because family life matters

Video stories from bereaved parents

The death of a son or daughter is every parent's worst nightmare - but it is possible to survive.

In this collection of short support films covering a range of topics, available on Care for the Family’s YouTube channel, different people tell us their story and some of the things that have helped them.

A New Normal – Care for the Family’s Bereaved Parent Support coordinators Mike and Kath Coulson describe what happened to their son Philip, how they coped and the support they have received.  They go on to talk about how they have found a ‘new normal’ life as a family, their involvement with Bereaved Parent Support and the benefits that attending an event can have.

Differences in Our Grieving – Chris and Mary talk about the impact of their daughter Katie’s death on their relationship as a couple and how they have grieved in very different ways.

“I am a mother with a mother’s heart – I just don’t have any children.” Sharon tells us about her struggles as a lone parent, her loss of Monique and what she has done since to find hope, comfort and purpose as a childless parent.

Grieving – a Dad’s Perspective. Six bereaved dads share their experiences of loss and grieving, from a man’s perspective, following their child’s death.

Dealing with Difficult Days – something that all bereaved parents face. Mike and Deborah tell us about the loss of their adult daughter Catherine, how they face some of the occasions that are particularly hard without her there, and a few of the things that they’ve found helpful along their journey.

Meet the Irvines – Rodney and Sandra Irvine live in  Northern Ireland. They have three living children but sadly in the mid 1990’s they lost two babies. In this clip they talk about their experiences as bereaved parents and the support they received from Care for the Family’s Bereaved Parent Support. Rodney and Sandra also share a little about their work as befrienders to bereaved parents.

Dealing with my brother’s death – When Jon was 14, his younger brother Ben died suddenly during a family holiday in France. Jon tells us about the good support he had at the time, how he related with his parents and younger sister, and how meeting with other bereaved adult siblings more recently has really helped. If you would like the opportunity of meeting with other bereaved adult siblings in the UK, then visit our  ‘Brothers and Sisters: life after loss’ events page or call 029 2081 0800.

Losing a siblingDiane Louise Jordan describes the effect that her sister’s death had on her, and encourages anyone who has lost a sibling to meet up with others in a similar situation.

How meeting other bereaved parents can help – Care for the Family’s Bereaved Parent Support coordinators Mike and Kath Coulson tell us their story following the death of their son Philip. They share some of the things that have helped them on their journey and how they see bereaved parents benefitting from the events run by Bereaved Parent Support.

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