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Because family life matters

MuchLoved – an online memorial to your loved one

Being able to express feelings and memories about the life of a family member or friend who has died can be very important to many of us

In partnership with the memorial website charity MuchLoved, we can provide you with a way of creating a tribute website in memory of your loved one, which can also be used to raise funds for Care for the Family’s bereavement support.

MuchLoved is a charity that provides a memorial website service which is both easy to use and sensitively designed, along with comprehensive privacy settings. It enables you to create a beautiful, unique, personalised website in memory of your loved one, where you can easily add and display a whole range of information and memorabilia, including stories, messages of condolence, pictures, music and video clips. You can also write an online journal.

How to set up your memorial website

Visit the MuchLoved website and click on ‘Create a Tribute’. This enables you to set up your memorial website in a matter of minutes. There are five simple steps designed to make it easy for anyone to do, regardless of their level of computer experience.

Visit to find out more and to set up your memorial website. You’ll also find examples of tributes to give you an idea of how yours could look.

More information

Once you have created your memorial website, you can test the service for a couple of weeks and start to add photos and other information. In other words, you can find out for yourself whether creating a memorial website is right for you.

At any stage you can upgrade it to keep your website hosted online for 10 years. This is free of charge, funded by charitable donations to MuchLoved. You do have to authenticate yourself, however, by way of a notional payment which is then immediately refunded. This is simply to ensure that no-one misuses the website. You can also request that your website be hosted permanently, for a small fee.

How a memorial website can help you

A memorial website can bring those affected by a death closer together by encouraging support and conversation. It’s a place where friends and family can all contribute their pictures, tell their stories, express their feelings of loss and help everyone manage their grief together.

How you can use your memorial website to raise funds for Care for the Family’s bereavement work

When you create your memorial, you can give people the option to donate to Care for the Family’s bereavement support. When you do this, ‘Donate’ will appear on your website. This will direct people to the secure online donation page, where they can then make their gift in memory of your loved one.

Thank you

We are extremely grateful for all support towards Care for the Family’s work, and to the people who have decided to raise funds as a way of remembering their special person with pride and thanksgiving. It is a wonderful way of providing a positive legacy for the future.

When you first set up your website, you will be asked whether you wish to share your details with Care for the Family. By agreeing to this, we will be able to contact you to say thank you and to keep in touch. It will also show us how many supporters have created an online tribute fund, and to receive feedback on the initiative and suggestions for the future.

This information is supplied in good faith, but Care for the Family cannot accept responsibility for any advice or recommendations made by other organisations or resources.

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