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Bereavement support organisations


There are many specialist organisations who can help you in your grief:

Brake is a road safety charity that runs a helpline for anyone bereaved as a result of a road crash. They also runs free courses to train people to educate young drivers about the consequences of dangerous driving behaviours.

Child Bereavement UK provides support to families and professionals when a child dies or when a child is bereaved of someone important in their lives. Services offered include a Support and Information Line, Buckinghamshire-based Family Bereavement Support Service, interactive website with a Families and Professionals Forum, resources and Professionals Training Programme.

Child Death Helpline A telephone helpline for anyone affected by the death of a child, from pre-birth to the death of an adult child, however long ago, and whatever the circumstances. It is staffed by experienced and trained bereaved parent volunteers.

The Compassionate Friends is an an organisation of bereaved parents and their families offering understanding, support and encouragement to others after the death of a child or children. They also offer support, advice and information to other relatives, friends and professionals who are helping the family.

Cruse Bereavement Care is the largest bereavement support organisation for both adults and children in the UK. Provides one-to-one support to anyone who has suffered bereavement, together with a telephone helpline. Their website gives further information and contact details for local branches.

CRY Cardiac Risk in the Young supports those bereaved through young sudden cardiac death (also known as SADS, SDS); and has a Surgery Supporters Network for young people (aged 14-35) diagnosed with a cardiac condition. CRY promotes heart screening and ECG testing programmes, and funds the CRY Centre for Sports Cardiology and the CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology.

DrugFam supports families affected by a loved one’s use of drugs or alcohol, working with individual family members and carers rather than the user. They offer telephone support, befriending, counselling, local support groups in Buckinghamshire and bereavement support.

Inquest provides help and advice for those facing an inquest. Bereaved people can obtain a free information pack, including the Inquest Handbook.

Miscarriage Association provides information and support for those who have been affected by miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or molar pregnancy.

Paul’s Fund and Paul’s Place Grants to young adults aged approximately 18 to 30 who are facing bereavement, diagnosis of a life threatening or terminal illness, or have a significant long term caring role for a family member. Covers accommodation costs of holiday break at Paul’s Place, a B&B with self-catering facility.

SADS UK Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome is a national cardiac charity providing support to families and individuals affected by a sudden unexpected death. Qualified counsellors and support contacts offer assistance after the death of a child or young spouse. Retreats for the bereaved. Also supports those diagnosed with cardiac conditions and donates cardiac equipment to medical establishments.

Samaritans provide confidential non-judgemental emotional support 24 hours a day to people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those which could lead to suicide.

SAMM Support after Murder and Manslaughter support those who have been bereaved as a result of murder or manslaughter, through a telephone helpline, information and other activities, including local groups.

Sands Still and Neonatal Death Charity offer support when your baby dies during pregnancy or after birth.

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide provide help and support to those bereaved by the suicide of a relative or close friend. They provide information, a helpline and other activities, including local groups and events throughout the UK.

The Lullaby Trust – Funding research, supporting families whose babies have died suddenly and unexpectedly and giving ‘safe sleep’ advice. Safer Sleep for babies – support for families.

WAY (Widowed and Young) Foundation provide support, advice and friendship to those who have been bereaved of a partner under the age of 50.

Winston’s Wish support bereaved children and young people up to the age of 18 through a whole range of activities, including a helpline, group work, residential events and resources.

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Other bereavement support organisations – Jan 2015

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