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Widowed young support – bereavement support events

Widowed Young Support runs special support days and weekends through the year in various parts of the UK.

Many people who have experienced the untimely death of their partner have found it really helps to get away and meet with others who are on a similar journey. For some this might be within months of their bereavement, while others prefer to leave it a bit longer.

There are people to walk with you who understand at least some of your journey. There is hope.

It can be immensely comforting to go somewhere to reflect and spend time with others who have been widowed young. That’s why Widowed Young Support run special days and weekends throughout the year in various parts of the UK for anybody who has lost a partner up to and including the age of 50 – or older if you still have dependent children. These events are usually set in fully-catered, peaceful surroundings, with plenty of space and time to concentrate on rebuilding our lives and facing the future with hope.

Over the course of a day or weekend, our team will be open about their personal experiences, share practical suggestions on various topics, and provide space for you to share and be listened to.

Our aim is to help you:
  • understand and cope with loss
  • discover new hope
  • develop the resilience to rebuild your life.

To find out more information or to see where our events are held, and to book a place, please click the links below:

If you feel a little uncertain about what to expect at one of our events, you can find out more by reading our Questions and Answers on ‘What to expect on a Widowed Young Support event.’

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