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5 ways to make your weekends distinct

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For any employees who do a typical Monday to Friday, week days and weekends usually feel distinctly different. The days of work would often have more routine and structure, whereas Saturday and Sunday may be more spontaneous or less defined. However, with most of us staying at home for now, there’s a chance that every day could feel pretty similar. Even those with irregular working days need some variation. So if you usually play football on Saturday, make sure you still go somewhere. If you usually go to church on a Sunday, find an online service to be a part of. You may even be able to have Sunday lunch – it may just be more baked beans and baked potato than cooked chicken and roasties.

So, with all that in mind, here are five more ways to make your weekends distinct.

1. Get a fakeaway

That’s right, we said ‘fakeaway’. With the vast majority of food outlets now closing their doors to reduce contact, even this once easy to come by treat is no longer readily available. One alternative however is to have a fakeaway (i.e. a fake takeaway). Recreating your ‘usual’ from home can give some sense of normality and, to make it feel a little special, try throwing in a few extras into your next shop. If you usually have Indian, get some nan breads, or if you go for Mexican, make some proper oven cooked nachos. These little add-ons can make a difference.

2. Have cinema at home

Cinemas are currently a no go, but the industry has managed to respond pretty quickly and many films that were due to be released in movie theatres are now available online. The usual big players (Amazon and iTunes) have a bunch of new options, so add a bag of popcorn to your shop and settle in to have cinema at home. If you’re particularly sold on this idea, you could even sit in rows for full effect. For the majority though, a sofa will do. This also works out far cheaper than going out ever would be. Failing that, if you’re cutting back, many streaming services have new movies already included in their packages so that’s always another option. If you don’t have access to a streaming service, maybe unearth those old film disks we used to use way back when. We’re pretty sure they’re called ‘DVDs’.

3. Set yourself a project

For some, there may ordinarily be a sense of reluctance getting to the weekend because you need to reorganise the attic, weed the garden and sort out ‘that cupboard’ where the hinges keep coming loose. Well now, doing these projects can actually be a good way to make use of the time you’ve spent at home, and keep purpose in, what may otherwise be very long days. If you’ve been meaning to sort out the book shelf, now’s the time. If your kitchen drawer is overflowing with tea lights, random stationary and old receipts, carve out a few hours to get on top of it. Staying positive is so important and once these ‘someday maybe’ projects get done, you can reward yourself by actioning point number one!

4. Put friend dates in the diary

Having something to look forward to is always nice but at the moment, we’re not really sure what the immediate future holds. That’s why social interactions are vital but we’re all having to find new ways of doing things. Many will now be making good use of video calls but rather than them always being ad hoc, it’s good to have dates in the diary with your nearest and dearest. If you have family and friends who you often hang out with, set aside an evening over the weekend where you can play games, watch films, have a drink and enjoy each other’s company.

5. Repurpose a room

With pretty much every waking hour being inside our own homes, we could do more to make the most of the rooms we have (however many). With a little creativity, you can repurpose a space into something new entirely – you’ll just have to figure out which ones work in your household. If there are little ones around, one great idea is to put mattresses on the floor and turn a room into a soft play zone, use blankets to make a den in the corner, bring any soft toys into mix and have fun music playing. Another option is to turn your kitchen into a mini five-a-side venue. Use a few jumpers for goals and rolled up socks as a ball and have a shootout in the kitchen. Naturally, it will likely be more ‘one-a-side’ but if you’re competitive, it can be great fun – just be careful not to knock a saucepan off the drying rack.

We recognise all this could get messy, so hopefully you will be able to clear up on Sunday evening! Doing so might even get you geared up for the week ahead. Either way, if you get a chance to give any of these a try let us know how you found them.

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