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Infertility support

Infertility is a difficult journey, it can be sad, exhausting, isolating and all-consuming. We know that statistically one in six couples experience some form of infertility, and yet, for those walking through it, it can feel like a very lonely journey.


If you’re experiencing any issues surrounding infertility, or know someone who is, you may find these articles helpful.


These episodes of The Marriage Challenge podcast feature couples discussing issues of infertility.  Listen as they share their personal stories and experiences of walking through the challenge of waiting for children.

Andy and Sarah
Andy and Sarah Lang bravely share about their on-going journey of infertility, and discuss some of the ways it has impacted their relationship over the past ten years. With insight and wisdom, they give advice and hope to any couple facing infertility issues.Download Episode

Sarah and David Abell

David and Sarah
Sarah and David Abell speak about their long journey to parenthood and some of the challenges they faced along the way. Their story gives an insight into what it is like to go through miscarriage and fertility treatment and they share what helped them to cope along the way.Download Episode

Luke and Sophie
Sophie and Luke share their story of making the life-changing decision to adopt two children after facing infertility.Download Episode

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