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Because family life matters

Protecting your marriage

All couples will face periods of time when they feel distant from one another. Find out how you can protect your relationship and keep going through the tough times.


These episodes of The Marriage Challenge podcast feature couples who have faced times of distance and challenge in their relationships. Listen as they share their experiences of how they’ve overcome various struggles to rebuild their relationships.

Steve and Claire
Steve and Claire open up about the power of forgiveness and reconciliation in their relationship which enabled them to overcome unfaithfulness early on in their marriage.  They bravely share their story of hurt and brokenness over the mistakes they made and discuss how they gradually put the foundations in place to rebuild and strengthen their relationship. Download Episode


Steve and Lesley
Marrying for the second time, having both previously divorced, Steve and Lesley realised early on that they still carried past hurts from their previous relationships. In this episode of The Marriage Challenge podcast they talk candidly about the difficulties they faced in those early days and how they worked through them to bring their relationship back from the brink. Download Episode

Simon Janey

Simon and Janey
Simon and Janey share their experience of the empty nest, wrestling with hormones, moving home, and a creeping sense of separateness that came about after their children left  home. They talk candidly about their relationship and offer help and practical tips to couples navigating this stage of life. Download Episode

Kate and Harry Benson

Harry and Kate
Listen to Harry and Kate as they share their own journey of a marriage that was on the brink of separation and heading for divorce. Find out how they overcame their differences to rebuild their relationship and bring them to a place where they are now happier together than ever before.Download Episode

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